Taking Recorlev®

Recorlev is a prescription medicine taken by mouth twice a day with or without food

Personalized dosing

  • Your doctor will personalize your dose to ensure you're taking the right amount for you
  • Personalizing means your dose may change more than once while you're taking Recorlev® (levoketoconazole). This is normal. Your doctor is trying to find the right dose of Recorlev for you to manage your cortisol levels and side effects
A clinical pharmacist from PANTHERx Rare Pharmacy will check in with you regularly to see how you’re feeling and answer any questions you may have

Monitoring and side effects


As with other medicines for Cushing's, monitoring by your doctor is important so they know how you're doing

  • Measuring your cortisol during treatment with Recorlev helps your doctor tell if it is under control
  • Heart and liver tests before and during treatment with Recorlev will help your doctor avoid side effects

Possible side effects

Side effects can occur with Recorlev, including some that are serious

While you’re on Recorlev, your doctor will test you regularly.

Remember to tell your doctor or pharmacist how you’re feeling while taking Recorlev so they can find the right dose for you.

It’s important to share with your doctor what medicines you’re taking, including vitamins and over-the-counter medicine.